New Semester Has Started!

Hello my peoples!  *hears crickets*  Yeah, that’s what I kind of thought.  I know it’s been forever since I’ve actually posted an update, but I’m hoping to change that.  Aren’t you lucky?  Well, maybe if you read this you are…  Or are you?  *evil laughter*

Let me restart by saying that I PASSED GEOMETRY!!!!  I didn’t think it was possible, but I did.  With a C, of all grades.  I thought for sure, that if Eris (HAIL!) allowed me to pass, I would have gotten a D.  Instead, I got a C…  That is fricken amazing.  Seriously.  If you had taken the class with the teacher I had, you’d think it was amazing too!  Remedial Geometry it was not!  But, I will take the grade and not look back! (Just in case she made a typo or something…)
And, in my first English class, I received a B+.  I am so over the moon about that, it’s awesome.  I’m not confident in my writing abilities (probably why I don’t post on here nearly as often as I should to make paying for my page worth it).  But I wrote my little heart out with those essays, and I must have done something right.  My professor was awesome too; I couldn’t have done it without his help.

So here I sit, one week in to my second semester of college.  I’ve taken two classes only, learning from my mistake of trying to do a full course load of four online classes.  Two seems to be about all I can handle (given the proper medication).  I’m in two English classes this semester, Eng 102 and Eng 203.  Another essay writing course, and a creative writing course.  It is the creative writing course that gave me the kick in the butt to start posting here again.  We focus on a lot of freewriting in that class, and I actually did an essay on freewriting for my Eng 101 class last semester that my prof seemed to like.  So here I am, freewriting my way through college.  😀

It has also occurred to me that I should probably write about other things besides college, given that the majority of the people who may or may not read this have already been there and done that.  So, I’m going to just randomly write about whatever pops into my head.  Or pops out of my head.  Does that sound kinda dirty?  Should I be charging admission for all of this?

I live in a rose vomit colored house in a tiny little town in WI.  We’re currently getting the roof redone.  FINALLY.  I rent, so I had to wait until my landlord could nail down the roofer guy (puns!) and it’s only taken 3 years.  But it’s finally getting worked on.  It’s not the greatest job, and it’s been raining a lot since they started, so now there’s a new leak in my dining room, but at least it’s getting done.  Maybe wood chunks and rock from the chimney won’t fall off the house anymore.  They’re also adding a new residing to the top floor part of the house, changing it from a light rosey puke to a white.  So the bottom will still be the dark rose vomit color, and the top will be white, and the shingles look kinda blue.  My house is a morbid colored patriotic mess…

By the way, you will notice I don’t do transitional material…  (Thank you George Carlin!)

Here then, is a picture of my Figgy monster and the wonderful dumpster on my yard just outside the dining room window.

It's been a long day hiding from the roofers.

It’s been a long day hiding from the roofers.

Goodnight Stars
Goodnight Air
Goodnight Noises

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