ITunes Can Suck It. — Addendum: 3 Hours Later… Itunes doesn’t need to suck it anymore…

Ever get so frustrated that the only thing you wanna do is smash the item you have in your hand?  Well, I haven’t done it, YET, but I’m so damn pissed off at this stupid iphone that I totally could just throw it into the street and let a semi have it’s way with it.

What happened is that Thursday night, I’m all working on my homework and stuff, and I’m listening to my music on my phone (Ivan Torrent is awesome) and I’m also checking out new music on iTunes.  I see a couple songs I’d love to have, so I click buy and then figure I can download them from the stupid icloud to my cellphone.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!  Joke’s on me, people.  I tried to download the three songs I purchased from my computer, and they wouldn’t download to my  cell.  WTF, ITunes?  So ok, I decide to delete a few things out, thinking maybe I’m over my storage.  MY WHOLE DAMN MUSIC LIBRARY IS FREAKING GONE!!!  Gone, just up and *poof* walked away and took my money with it.  I went to the itunes app itself and went to my purchases, and I apparently haven’t purchased any music.  *snerk*  Yeah, right, check my receipts, Bitch.


Music Go Bye Bye

My music apparently wanted a vacation so badly that it took itself completely out of the icloud.  I’m pissed beyond words right now because I’ve spent a lot of freaking money on music, and I’ve had an iphone since IPHONE 3 was released, however many years ago that was.  So, that’s A LOT OF MUSIC that Itunes just freaking ate up and didn’t pay for.  Serious so pissed off right now.

And to top it off, I’m trying to sync my phone to my computer, and I don’t know why this happens, but my wireless mouse freezes up every damn time my phone is plugged into my computer.  What the hell is that all about?  So I replug in my mouse, it starts working, but only because my phone apparently was unplugged at the same damn time through the same damn usb port that my mouse uses.  *sighs*

At this moment, I am so freaking pissed off with itunes and my iphone, I would gladly switch to anything else.  Freaking TRACFONE is looking so good right now…

And I don’t live anywhere near those pretentious “Apple Bar” bullshit places, and there’s no way that the people at the cell shop where I bought my phone would know anything about it.  This is completely Apple’s fault and itunes.

I’ve looked online for explinations and help and apparently it’s a problem other people are having as well, though I don’t see where their ENTIRE LIBRARY of music just vanishes.


Also, Windows 10 doesn’t like to let me upload my pictures from my phone.  It keeps telling me something went wrong.  WHAT the WHAT?

I’ve been fighting with my phone and itunes since 7 am.  It’s now nearly 10.  I’ve somehow managed to break my cooling fan that my laptop sits on.  So I have to go to the damn store and pick up a new one.  Which means I need to get off of here and drive to the next town over because my town doesn’t have anything like that anywhere, and I have to do so without my freaking music.

I wanna cry.


Addedum: 1:00 pm

So.  After crying and talking to my mommy on the phone, I grew a pair and contacted Apple.  Someone got back to me in like two seconds, and I was all, “Wow, that was fast!” and the guy on the other end was laughing and said it sounded as if I needed help yesterday and that he’d better call.  *lol*  (Also, guy’s name was Matt, and he was in Milwaukee.  Awesome!)  Yeah, anyway…  I talked him twice today. First to get a glimpse of what happened, he linked to my computer, we looked around my account, and he was a baffled as I was.  He noticed that my receipts showed my songs as being paid for, but when you went to that song in the store, it wanted me to rebuy it.  After dinking around for a little longer, he decided to call the accounting department to make sure my purchases were still there after all and call me back.  LO and BEHOLD, someone in the accounting department figured out all of my songs were HIDDEN.

Yes.  Seriously.  HIDDEN.


I don’t know how it happened, but I must have hidden all of my music when I thought I was making room for the songs I purchased the other night.  I don’t know what I hit, I don’t know how I managed to do that, I’m like fricken HOODINI!


VanossGaming on YouTube. Look him up, he’s awesome.

I feel like a fricken dork, I don’t know.  Speechless.

It’s magic, people.  Itunes equals MINDFREAK.

Now.  If only I can figure out why Win 10 doesn’t like it when I plug in my iphone…

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