Well Crap.

So Hi!  How have you been?  It has been a while since I’ve been around, I am sorry.  Not that you’ve missed me too horribly, right?

Been a busy little bee the last couple months.  School and work and kid, oh my!  Who knew there was so much technical terminology in creative writing…  Not I, said the fly…

And yes, I was a bee, just a minute ago…

Yay Cliché!

Anyway, I do believe I have just finished my final anthology project for my English 203 class.  I had to put together a website of poetry and prose that I enjoyed and write an essay about them.  I probably didn’t do so hot on the essay part (since essays are my arch nemesis, honestly) but I think the website is fairly decent.

My Anthology

Clicky clicky on the linky linky if you really wanna see just how strange I really am…

Right now, I’m supposed to be cleaning up the house.  My inlaws are coming up for the holidays and I’m so very paranoid about everything and wanting to impress them (you’d think after 10 years I’d get over that) and make sure nothing in this house will get my father in law sick (he’s battling cancer, damnit).  So my own mom has been helping me out and everything is going ok…  But my son now isn’t feeling well and that’s just what I needed…

You would think I would have learned to not write run-on sentences like that…  Or paragraphs that don’t make sense…  Or use too many periods…  Dot… Dot… Dot…

Is this a sign that I’m cracking?  *twitch*

Anyway, now that I’m technically done with classes for a couple weeks, I will have time to write!

*snort*  Think I’ll remember?

Though there is something I do want to post, but I have to wait until Christmas for it.  I got my son a really cool gift and I hope his reaction is everything I think it will be.  I’m gonna record it.  😉  And if it is, I’m gonna post it.

Ok, off for now.  Time to clean all the things!

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