And 2 classes bite the dust…

Ok, I couldn’t handle it.  Four classes was just too much for me to handle.  I tried, for two weeks, and I freaked out.  My boys were probably going to strangle me, I tell ya.  Rockstar had to calm me down on more than one occassion, and Spawn will probably never go to college now because I’ve scared him.

But, I dropped two classes, and went to part time.  I’m hoping it will be easier.  At least on my mind.  I’ve seriously lost my mind trying to keep everything straight.

I thought Rockstar and Spawn would be upset with me for dropping two classes, but they were actually cool with it. I thought I was letting them down, and they both said they were proud of me anyway, and Rockstar thought I took too many classes anyway, and is actually happy that I dropped them.

So, next semester, if I can pass my remedial math class (because I haven’t been in school in 15 years!), I’m taking my next math class and my business class.  And, if I think maybe I can get the hang of it, another english class.  But no more than three…  Because any more, and I will lose my mind.

Sorry if this post is kind of all over the mark, but I’m tired, my mind is fried, and I’m just in the mood for a cocktail.

New Year, New Blog

Ok, so it’s not technically a new blog, since I’ve had this address for a while now, but it’s been revamped.  My old entries are gone.  I’m starting over.  I’m trying my hand at blogging, even though I know I’m not going to get many views, if any, but that’s ok.  I’m trying.  That’s what counts, right?

I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone.  I’ve become reclusive the last couple years.  And while I do enjoy the solitary moments I’ve had, I miss being around people, being busy.  So, I’m going to college.  Totally out of my comfort zone.
My classes start on the 26th.  I’ve taken my placement testing last month and I’m signed up for four classes, 13 credits.  Ambitious, I know.  I’m hoping I can handle it.  English, Geometry, Intro to Business, and Psychology.   I’m going to persue my dream of being an English Major.  With a business minor.  I kind of want to get into publishing.  Or editing.  I guess we’ll see how this goes.

Anyway, here’s to a new year, and a new me.  Hope I can keep up with myself.